Warriors of Arthur

£18.00 (GBP)

Warriors of Arthur/John Matthews, Bob Stewart, Richard Hook. Blandford Press. Hardcover. First edition 1987. Out of print. Condition: As new. ISBN 0713719001

With detailed illustrations and colourful artwork supporting the stories and text, this book provides information on the basics of the Arthurian myth, on Britain and the Celts under Rome and in the early Dark Ages, and on the role Arthur might have played in the wars against the Picts and Saxons. It also includes several rewritten versions of Arthurian legends with their¬†original pagan Welsh names and themes, such as the ‘Beheading Game’ that led to the legend of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, and the champion Lugh Strong-Arm who inspired the myth of Sir Lancelot.

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