The Uniforms of the British Yeomanry Force 1794-1914

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The Uniforms of the British Yeomanry Force 1794-1914: 10: The Yeomanry Force at the 1911 Coronation/R J Smith, R G Harris. Ogilby Trusts/Picton Publishing. Softcover. First edition 1988. Out of print. Condition: Very good. ISBN 0948251263

This booklet is one of an extremely informative series about the volunteer units that formed such an important part of the British Army from the Napoleonic Wars to the First World War. Illustrated with contemporary photographs of many of those involved, it tells the story of the intense planning and organisation that went into the celebration of the Coronation of King George V and Queen Mary in June 1911, which provided a unique occasion when all 56 Yeomanry Regiments were gathered together in one place at one time.

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