The Illustrated Directory of the United States Air Force

£17.00 (GBP)

The Illustrated Directory of the United States Air Force/Michael Roberts. Guild Publishing. Hardcover. First edition 1989. Out of print. Condition: Very good, corner clipped on front end-paper. ISBN 0517673355

This unique reference guide covers the organization, bases, aircraft and strategic missile systems of the USAF, including which particular unit operates the F-117 Stealth Fighter, or any of the other major types of aircraft in use with both the regular and reserve forces throughout the world, where they are located and under which commands they operate.

Illustrated with colour photographs, drawings and diagrams, this single volume encyclopedia was especially designed to provide instant access to the entire spectrum of one of the world’s foremost fighting forces, as it was in the late 1980’s, and was the first time such a comprehensive key had been produced.

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