Military Illustrated Magazine: No 85: June 1995

£8.00 (GBP)

Military Illustrated Magazine: No 85: June 1995/Tim Newark. Military Illustrated Ltd. Paperback. June 1995. Out of print. Condition: Very good, slight shelf wear.

Contents: News; Video, Film & Book Reviews; Auctions; Events; Exhibitions. Fully illustrated features include: Breaking Napoleon’s Army: The Transformed French Army 1814-16; Waterloo 1995; World War Two Videos; Roman Military Wall Paintings; Cambodia’s Hidden War: Cambodian Resistance to Vietnam 1975-90; Divisional Cavalry: 15th Hussars on the Western Front 1914; Maschinengewehr 34: The Classic German Machine Gun; Master Modellers: Roger Saunders; India’s Splendour Continues: 1995 Republic Day Parade in Delhi; Best Re-enactment Awards: Some of the Entries; A Brief History of the Pickelhaube: German Spiked Helmet 1842-1918.

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