Military Illustrated Magazine: No 103: Dec 1996

£8.00 (GBP)

Military Illustrated Magazine: No 103: Dec 1996/Tim Newark. Military Illustrated Ltd. Paperback. December 1996. Out of print. Condition: Very good, slight shelf wear.

Contents: News; Video, Film & Book Reviews; Auctions; Events; Exhibitions. Fully illustrated features include: Sharpe’s Story; The Highland Charge-Bravehearts or Scarecrows?: Exposing the Reality of the Highland Charge; A Jelly of Indecision: Worst Generals in the World; Blitzkrieg Warrior: German Army Uniform in Detail; SAS With Muskets: Were Dragoons the Special Forces of the 17th Century; Charleston Tigers: Portrait of a Confederate Zouave Company; Secrets of a Master Modeller: Martin Livingstone; Britain’s French Bandits: Independent Companies of Foreigners; The Other Casualties: What happened to the Wounded.

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