The First World War: The Western Front: 1917-1918: Osprey

£12.00 (GBP)

The First World War (3): The Western Front: 1917-1918/Peter Simkins. Osprey Essential Histories 22. Softcover. First edition 2002. Condition: Very good, slight creasing to edge of cover. ISBN 1841763489

The second of two books about the Western Front, this describes the last great battles of attrition in 1917, at Arras, the Aisne and Passchendaele. It then moves to the spring and summer of 1918, and the successive offensives launched by Germany in an effort to achieve victory, or a favourable peace, before American manpower proved decisive. Questioning and correcting several myths and long-held assumptions about the nature and conduct of the war on the Western Front, it also looks at the aftermath and legacy of the “war to end wars”.

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