Female Tommies: The Frontline Women of WWI (NEW BOOK)

£17.09 (GBP)

Female Tommies: The Frontline Women of the First World War/Elizabeth Shipton. The History Press. Hardcover. New 01/07/2014. ISBN 0752491431 (RRP £18.99)

Through their diaries, letters and memoirs, we discover the courage of the women in the First World War who defied convention and took up arms to literally fight for their country. Flora Sandes joined the Serbian Army and fought in the rear-guard of the Iron Regiment as they retreated from the Bulgarian advance, Dorothy Lawrence smuggled herself to Paris, stole a uniform and headed to the Front, while others enlisted in Russia’s all-female ‘Battalion of Death’. We also learn what life at the front was like for those who were members of such organisations as the US Army Signal Corps, the Canadian Army Medical Corps, the FANY, WRAF, WRNS and WAAC.

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