Chivalry: The Everyday Life of the Medieval Knight

£22.00 (GBP)

Chivalry: The Everyday Life of the Medieval Knight/Leon Gautier. Bracken Books. Hardcover. First edition 1989. Out of print. Condition: Very good, light tanning to edge of page-block, tiny tear at bottom of dust jacket spine. ISBN 1851702687

Concentrating on the time of the French King Philip Augustus (1180-1223), this fascinating book traces the life of the medieval knight from the cradle to the grave and explains that, unlike Chaucer’s very perfect gentle knight who was a later creation of minstrels and courtly literature, true chivalry originated when early Christian kingdoms protected themselves from barbarian invasion. Beginning with this Christian military ideal, it examines the Ten Commandments of the twelfth-century Code of Chivalry and shows how these precepts were implemented.

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