Voices from the Peninsula: Eyewitness Accounts

£23.00 (GBP)

Voices from the Peninsula: Eyewitness Accounts by Soldiers of Wellington’s Army 1808-1814/Ian Fletcher. Greenhill Books. Hardcover. First edition 2001. Out of print. Condition: Very good, very slight creasing to top edge of dust jacket. ISBN: 1853674591

The Peninsular War was one of the most successful campaigns ever fought by the British Army. Between 1808, when British troops landed in Portugal, and 1814, when Wellington’s Army advanced into the south of France, British soldiers were involved in countless battles and sieges against Napoleon’s vaunted French veterans. Drawing on rare letters, diaries and memoirs, placed in context by important background detail, this is the story of the Peninsular War in the words of the men who marched, fought and triumphed with Wellington. Presenting a superb insight into the daily lives of British soldiers in this momentous period it throws new light on the experience of Napoleonic warfare and brings to life what Wellington called ‘the finest military machine in existence’.

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