Uniforms of the SS: Volume 5: 1931-1945

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Uniforms of the SS: Volume 5 Sicherheitsdienst und Sicherheitspolizei 1931-1945/Andrew Mollo. Windrow & Greene. Hardcover. Second edition 1992. Out of print. Condition: Good, tears and slight wear at edges of dust jacket. ISBN 1872004628

One of a seven volume study that looks at the uniforms and insignia of the SS, this book is an essential source of information about the complex organization and history of the SS Security Service, the Gestapo, the infamous Action Groups and local auxiliaries raised in occupied territories.

Illustrated with contemporary photographs, the carefully researched text explains the overall and regional organisation, order of battle and chain of command, together with details of regulation dress and equipment. The badges and insignia of the various ranks are described, with each one keyed in to a corresponding plate of images.



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