Uniforms of the American Civil War

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Uniforms of the American Civil War/Ron Field, Robin Smith. Brassey’s Publishers. Hardcover. First edition 2001. Out of print. Condition: Very good. ISBN 1857533909

Although the phrase “the Blue and the Gray” succinctly evokes the North and the South, in fact the uniforms of Civil War soldiers were anything but “uniform”, not in colour or specific design. This fascinating branch of military history is fully explored in this definitive guide, presenting an in-depth study of the many and varied uniforms worn by both sides in this important conflict.

While the most notable feature of the uniforms of the Union Army was, in fact, its regulation dark blue, the Confederates had much more variation, with uniforms ranging from the familiar gray to light brown. The many styles and colours worn by the South are presented in a state-by-state survey, that illustrates how they changed from initial local supply through to state quartermaster manufacturers.

The North is covered in similar depth, with chapters not only detailing the uniforms and equipment of the regular army, including infantry, cavalry, and artillery, but also the many colorful militia regiments raised to swell the Union ranks, such as the fanciful yet fearsome Zouaves, Chasseurs, Lancers, and Hussars in their own spectacular uniforms, as well as the little-known role played by American Indian Cavalry units.

The book is illustrated throughout with high quality colour and black and white photographs, paintings and drawings.



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