The Wild West Trilogy (Box Set)

£32.00 (GBP)

The Wild West Trilogy (Box Set): The Native Americans – The Age of the Gunfighter –┬áThe American Frontier/William C Davis, Joseph G Rosa, William C Sturtevant. Salamander Books. Softcover. 2000. Out of print. Condition: As new, all three books and box-sleeve, they do not appear to have been read. ISBN 1840651687

A collection of three books about the American West, looking at the lives of Native Americans, the age of the gunfighter and the people of the frontier including pioneers, trappers, miners, buffalo hunters, cowboys and lawmen.

The Native Americans examines the lives and experiences of the Indigenous people of North America, who once ranged, in different culture groups, from the South West to the Sub-arctic.

Age of the Gunfighter is the story of these men, and women, who made their mark on the pages of history and whose names, through legend, books and film, have seized our imagination to this day.

The American Frontier portrays the pioneers, ordinary men and women who fought hostile elements to create a new home for themselves and the People of the Great Plains who were, ultimately, displaced.

These beautifully presented books provide a wealth of historical information illustrated with archive photographs, colour photographic displays showing tools, clothing, weapons and artifacts, drawings, paintings and maps.


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