The Somme 1916: Crucible of a British Army

£21.00 (GBP)


The Somme 1916: Crucible of a British Army/Michael Chappell. Windrow & Greene. Hardcover. First edition 1995. Condition: Very good, with very slight creasing and small indentation to front dustcover. ISBN 1859150071

This study covers the six-month Battle of the Somme, between July and November 1916, and includes much information that will be new to readers.

Arguing a new final judgement of the battle, it examines the contrasting nature of the opposing armies, explains the unique character of Kitchener’s ‘New Army’, describes British infantry tactics and the crucial part played by the artillery, and recounts the first appearance of the tank in battle.

Fully illustrated with over 100 photographs, drawings and maps, together with superb color plates featuring 16 uniformed figures in meticulous detail.

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