The Crimean War: The British at War

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The Crimean War: The British at War/Denis Judd, Ludovic Kennedy. Book Club Associates. Hardcover. First edition 1976. Out of Print. Condition: Very good. ISBN 0246108045 ASIN: B0007AX32U

The Crimean War of 1854-6 has become a byword for military incompetence mingled with heroism. Even today, its most famous ‘incident’, the Charge of the Light Brigade against the Russian guns at Balaclava, is surrounded by controversy, exposing as it did the lack of communication between the British commanders, whilst inspiring the poem by Tennyson that immortalised the magnificent behaviour of the British soldier in battle.

The combination of gallantry and endurance shown in such battles as the Alma, Inkerman and Balaclava, and in the lengthy siege of Sebastopol, have had a profoundly emotive appeal ever since Victorian days, with the work of Florence Nightingale, amongst the sick and wounded at Scutari in the appalling winter of 1843-5, also helping to turn some of the shame associated with this campaign into glory.

Judd has drawn on eye-witness reports by veterans of the War, and on the brilliant, disruptive reports of the first ever war correspondant, W H Russell of The Times, in his vivid recreation of the Crimean War. The book’s illustrations include some of the first photographs ever taken, as well as contemporary paintings, prints and drawings in both colour and black and white.



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