The Civil War Trilogy (Box Set)

£32.00 (GBP)

The Civil War Trilogy (Box Set): The Battlefields of the Civil War – The Commanders of the Civil – The Fighting Men of the Civil War War/William C Davis. Salamander Books. Softcover. First edition 1999. Out of print. Condition: As new, all three books and box-sleeve, they do not appear to have been read. ISBN 1840651059

The American Civil War remains the nation’s central national epic, having changed the fledgling “Union” into the “United States”. Whilst the scars of that devastating conflict have long since disappeared, there is a seemingly insatiable desire to learn more of the circumstances and the detail of the war.

These beautifully illustrated books provide that detail, in respect of the tactical deployment of forces in the field and the fighting methods employed by the infantry, artillery and cavalry forces. They follow the soldier, gunner and cavalryman from his enlistment, through formal training, to his eventual deployment in the field.

The books also include features on the weapons of the war, from the infantryman’s simple rifle-and-bayonet through a plethora of officers’ swords, sabers, pistols and revolvers, to the mighty artillery pieces, and are illustrated with photographs, drawings, and maps in black and white, and colour.


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