The British Cavalry Sword from 1600

£18.00 (GBP)

The British Cavalry Sword from 1600/Charles Martyn. Pen & Sword Books Ltd. Hardcover. First edition 2004. Condition: As new. ISBN 1844150712

This book provides is an easily accessible, yet extremely informative guide to the history and development of the British Cavalry Sword. The essential features of hilt recognition, the prime means of identifying a cavalry sword, are explained by photographs and descriptions of examples from the author’s own collection of these iconic weapons, supported by sketches of sword hilts that have not previously been widely publicised.

The swords have been presented chronologically, with a brief background history to the appropriate period, and further supported by stories and accounts aimed at creating a stimulus for the collectors to carry out research into the swords they own, whilst providing an invaluable source of information to those with a developing interest in this fascinating area of military history, including, not only the swords, but the regiments, personalities and organisations associated with them.

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