Superdioramas: Modelling Special

£34.00 (GBP)

Superdioramas: Modelling Special/Bob Letterman, Lewis Pruneau. Verlinden Publications. Softcover. 1986. Out of print. Condition: Very good, small crease and slight shelf wear. ISBN 9070932067

A must for every modeller, artist, military enthusiast and historian, this book is dedicated to the work of these two master modellers and focuses on three spectacular examples. The first is a German railroad mounted gun, as it appeared during construction in the factory. The second is a dry-docked German experimental U-Boat undergoing maintenance, also built from scratch, with many photographs taken during construction. The final article depicts a French city undergoing liberation from the Germans by Pattons forces during WWII and, with U.S. Army convoys, German P.O.W.s, individual street vignettes and specific architectural details, this must truly be seen to be believed.

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