Nato Armies Today: Osprey Elite Series 16

£12.00 (GBP)

Nato Armies Today/Nigel Thomas, Ron Volstad. Osprey Elite Series 16. Softcover. First edition 1987. Out of print. Condition: Very good. ISBN 0850458226

At the end of WWII Western Europe was militarily vulnerable and economically exhausted. The Soviet Union however, since 1940, had annexed 180,000 square miles of Eastern Europe, occupied a further 390,000 square miles and now seemed poised to advance still further westwards with its six-million strong forces. The increasing Soviet threat created demands for a permanent Western Military alliance and in 1949, the North Atlantic Treaty was signed in Washington. This book explores the history, organization and uniforms of the NATO armies, excluding the United States and Great Britain, as they were in the late 1980s.

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