Napoleon’s Guard Cavalry: Osprey Men at Arms

£10.00 (GBP)

Napoleon’s Guard Cavalry/Emir Bukhari, Angus McBride. Osprey Men at Arms Series 83. Softcover. New edition 2001. Out of print. Condition: Very good. ISBN 0850452880

Examining the uniforms of Napoleon’s Guard Cavalry, some of the most colourful and fanciful in history, this book covers units such as the Grenadiers a Cheval, the Empress’s Dragoons, Chasseurs a Cheval, Mamelukes, Gardes d’Honneur, Polish Lancers, Dutch Lancers, German Lancers and Lithuanian Tartars. Together with ten pages of commentaries, the numerous illustrations include eight fine full page colour plates providing detailed reconstructions of the various uniforms.

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