Napoleon’s German Allies (5): Osprey Men At Arms

£10.00 (GBP)

Napoleon’s German Allies (5): Hessen – Darmstadt & Hessen – Kassel / Otto Von Pivka, Bryan Fosten. Osprey Men At Arms Series 122. Softcover. Revised edition 1988. Condition: Very Good. ISBN 085045431X

During the Napoleonic Wars the region of Hesse was divided between Hessen-Kassel, which Napoleon elevated to a Grand Duchy in 1806, and Hessen-Darmstadt, which was dissolved by Imperial Elector Wilhelm I and incorporated into Jerome Bonaparte’s Kingdom of Westphalia in the same year. This richly illustrated book details the organization, campaigns, uniforms, and colours and standards of both forces, from 1792 to Napoleon’s defeat in 1813.

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