Military Modelling: Military Vehicle Special

£9.00 (GBP)

Military Modelling: Military Vehicle Special: Collectors’ Edition 9/Ken Jones. MyHobbyStore Media. Paperback. Special edition 5/03/2010. Out of print. Condition: Very good.

Devoted to the modelling of miniature military vehicles, this is the ninth in the Military Modelling magazine’s Collectors’ Edition series. With contemporary and step-by-step construction photographs, scale drawings and diagrams, the many extended and in-depth articles include: Rolls Royce Armoured Car(1920 Pattern); Deutsches Afrika Korps PzKpfwI Ausf A (Panzer One); Soviet T-34-85 Tank; German WWI A7V Tank; Russian tank concepts BMO-T/BTR-T; British Infantry Tank Mk I. A11;  British ‘Tilly’ 10hp Light Utility Truck.


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