Military Illustrated Magazine: No 79: Dec 1994

£8.00 (GBP)

Military Illustrated Magazine: No 79: Dec 1994/Tim Newark. Military Illustrated Ltd. Paperback. December 1994. Out of print. Condition: Very good, slight shelf wear.

Contents: News; Video, Film & Book Reviews; Auctions; Events; Exhibitions. Fully illustrated features include: Knights of Britain: Re-enactment; Renegades and Viragos: Staffordshire Regiment in the Caribbean 1707-64; Arctic Warfare: NATO Exercise Arctic Express 1994; Recreating the Medieval Soldier: Re-enactor Book Feature; Glengarry Light Infantry: Glengarry Fencible Regiment in the War of 1812; Ike vs. Monty: Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force 1944-45; The Big Wheel Machine: The Hetherington Landship of 1915; ‘The Harder You Hit Them’: Russian Conquest of Geok Tepe 1880-81.

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