Military Illustrated Magazine: No 48: May 1992

£8.00 (GBP)

Military Illustrated Magazine: No 48: May 1992/Martin Windrow. Military Illustrated Ltd. Paperback. May 1992. Out of print. Condition: Very good, slight shelf wear.

Contents: News; Video, Film & Book Reviews; Auctions; Events; Exhibitions. Fully illustrated features include: 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion 1942-45; Legio II Parthica: A Third Century Legion; 7e Regiment de Hussards 1808; American Forces in the War with Mexico 1846-48: Early Use of Machine Guns in the British Army; Military Miniatures; US Army Commissary Sergeants’ Uniforms 1873-1903; Portuguese Paratroops in Africa 1961-74; Gallery: Michael Wittmann SS Panzer Commander.

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