Marine: U.S. Marine heroes of the Pacific War

£14.00 (GBP)

Marine: U.S. Marine Corps heroes of the Pacific War/Ron Field. Military Illustrated/Publishing News. Hardcover. First edition 1999. Out of print. Condition: Very good. ISBN 1903040000

The U.S. Marine Corps was selected for the first of a series of book-length treatments of famous military units by Military Illustrated. In addition to its detailed text, bibliography, photographs and colour illustrations, the book contains a directory of Marine Corps museums, societies, memorials and interest groups.

Telling their story from the American War of Independence and the wars against Mexico and Spain, through the American Civil War and World War One, to their finest moment in the bitter struggle against Japan in the Pacific during World War Two, it reveals the way they fought, the weapons and equipment they used, and the tactics they perfected

Finally, it evaluates their legacy, describing their humanitarian tasks in conflicts today alongside their enduring fighting strengths.


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