The Landsknechts: Osprey Men at Arms Series

£9.00 (GBP)

The Landsknechts/Douglas Miller, Gerry Embleton. Osprey Men at Arms Series. Softcover. First edition 1976. Out of print. Condition: Good, some light tanning to cover. ISBN 0850452589

The Landsknechts were German mercenaries from the sixteenth century, who served during the reigns of Maximilian I and Charles V. This book describes in detail the organisation, tactics, weapons, uniforms and history of these remarkable soldiers who, having signed up, were read a code of conduct, organised into companies, paid one month in advance and sent into battle! Whilst their major weapon was the pike, which could be up to 18 feet long, those whose duty was to advance in the front line carried instead the fearsome Zweihander battle-sword, around 66 inches in length.

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