Italian Militiaman: 1260-1392: Osprey Warrior Series 25

£11.00 (GBP)

Italian Militiaman: 1260-1392/David Nicolle, Christa Hook. Osprey Warrior Series 25. Softcover. First edition 1999. Condition: Very good, slight creasing to cover. ISBN 1855328267

Medieval Italy was characterized by regular warfare among its various city-states, as well as internal strife as aristocratic factions fought each other for domination of the cities’ governments. In this context, Italian warfare developed quickly, with the crossbow playing an increasingly key role as an infantry weapon. This book provides a comprehensive view of the late medieval Italian city militias, tracing all aspects of their evolution, from the weaponry, attitudes and social backgrounds of their members, to the political context that made such formations necessary.

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