The Irish Wars: 1485-1603: Osprey Men at Arms

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The Irish Wars: 1485-1603/Ian Heath, David Sque. Osprey Men at Arms Series 256. Softcover. First edition 1993. Out of print. Condition: As new. ISBN 1855322803

The Reformation in England further distanced the Irish, as the majority of them remained stubbornly Catholic. Eventually, in Elizabeth’s reign, both sides resorted to the use of force on a large scale in a series of bloody wars and rebellions that were to culminate in the Earl of Tyrone’s “Great Rebellion” of 1595-1603. This text looks at the history, organization and tactics of the armies of the Irish Wars (1485-1603), which included such troops as the fearsome Irish Galloglasses, who bore a deadly axe six feet long with a blade that was one foot broad!

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