Himmler’s Black Order: A History of the SS 1923-45

£45.00 (GBP)

Himmler’s Black Order: A History of the SS 1923-1945/Robin Lumsden. Sutton Publishing Ltd. Hardcover.1999. Condition: As new. ISBN 1841000558

The stranger-than-fiction history of the SS, an organization led by a man motivated by the belief that he was the spiritual reincarnation of the Saxon King Heinrich I, founder of the German Reich. Street fighters and convicted criminals became Ministers of State and police commanders; charitable works and mass extermination were administered from the same building; boy generals directed vast heterogeneous armies on devastating campaigns of terror.

From the development and organization of both the Waffen-SS and the Allgemeine-SS, to the wide ranging effects they had on the police, racial policies, German history, education, the economy and public life; to their uniforms and regalia, designed to set Himmler’s men apart as a new elite in Third Reich society; this remarkable book tells it all, with contemporary photographs, colour illustrations and diagrams.


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