Guadalcanal: World War 11’s Fiercest Naval Campaign

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Guadalcanal: World War 11’s Fiercest Naval Campaign/Adrian Stewart. William Kimber. Hardcover. First edition 1985. Out of print. Condition: Acceptable, some shelf wear, ex-library, missing both end papers, slight marking/staining, one loose page. ISBN 0718305698

An in depth account of the great series of naval battles that raged around Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands in 1942, which have no parallel in the history of warfare. With the closing of the Japanese campaign to retake Guadalcanal, Japan’s doom was sealed and the skills the Americans had learned there were to lead them to their later victories in the Pacific War.

How these skills were acquired and at what cost are expertly analysed in this reconstruction of events, which is illustrated by photographs, diagrams and maps, and includes a bibliography and index.

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