German Rocket Launchers in WW11

£18.00 (GBP)

German Rocket Launchers in WW11/Joachim Engelmann. Schiffer Publishing. Softcover. First US edition 1990. Out of print. Condition: Very good. ISBN 0887402402

This volume in Schiffer’s military history series covers the various rocket launchers developed and used by Germany in the Second World War. These include the 10cm to 40/41cm range of rocket launchers, the 15cm Panzer launcher 42, the 8 cm multiple launcher and the row launching device, together with the self-propelled launchers that appeared later in the conflict.

Illustrated with photographs and line drawings it also provides data on the production, cost and performance of individual weapons, the growth of the rocket launcher force in terms of personnel and deployment and an appendix on the chronology of German rocket development.

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