French Soldier in Egypt: 1798-1801: Osprey

£12.00 (GBP)

French Soldier in Egypt: 1798-1801/Terry Crowdy, Christa Hook. Osprey Warrior Series 77. Softcover. First edition 2003. Condition: As new. ISBN 1841766283

This book examines the experiences of Napoleon’s Army of the Orient in Egypt and the Holy Land, with care for the wounded, outbreaks of bubonic plague and the terrible retreat from Acre in 1799, all described and brought back to life by the words of the men who were there. Covering the fighting with the Mamelukes and Turks, it details desert combat, siege warfare, cavalry skirmishes and the suppression of uprisings, whilst also examining both the French treatment of prisoners and their own fate if captured.

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