For Fuhrer and Fatherland: SS Murder and Mayhem in Wartime Britain

£10.00 (GBP)

For Fuhrer and Fatherland: SS Murder and Mayhem in Wartime Britain/Roderick de Norman. Sutton Publishing Ltd. Softcover.1997. Out of print. Condition: Very good, light crease to top front corner of cover. ISBN 0750917261

First published in 1996, this is the extraordinary account of how British and American Intelligence thwarted a wartime plan for a daring mass break-out of German prisoners-of-war from a prison camp at Devizes in Wiltshire, led by a hard core of SS troops, late in December 1944.

Transferred to another camp in Scotland, the SS plotters later murdered one of their fellow prisoners, whom they accused of betraying them and were themselves then convicted of the crime and executed in 1945.

The author addresses a number of key issues, such as why was Devizes Camp so woefully unprepared for a possible break-out, why was the SS allowed to continue its reign of terror in the Scottish camp, why was a known anti-Nazi sent there to his death and why did the Government not release the story after the war.

The comprehensive text includes a map and first hand witness reports, and is illustrated with many contemporary and current photographs.


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