English Heritage Book of Channel Defences

£28.00 (GBP)

English Heritage Book of Channel Defences/Andrew Saunders. Batsford Limited. Softcover. First edition 1997. Condition: Very good, very slight indentations on cover. ISBN 0713475951

From the time of the Spanish Armada to the Nazi Blitzkrieg, Britain’s Channel defences have played a vital role in the history of the country and its people. This guide explores the developing naval and military responses to the threat of invasion, highlighting the places of most strategic importance and interest along the southern coast and how well they were protected.

Using historic documents, maps, diagrams, illustrations and photographs, it examines the plans to invade Britain and how they were beaten back, and discusses the importance of the naval bases and dockyards of Portsmouth, Plymouth, Chatham and Portland. It also reveals how emergency measures could be brought into play on the beaches and the role of the Martello Tower system.

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