Dunkirk 1940: From Disaster to Deliverence

£9.50 (GBP)

Dunkirk 1940: From Disaster to Deliverence/Patrick Wilson. Leo Cooper/Pen & Sword Books. Softcover.1999. Condition: As new. ISBN 0850527015

Capturing the excitement and chaos of the Dunkirk evacuation, whilst also providing a very well explained guide to the scenes of battle, this is another volume in the Battleground Europe series, which use detailed text, maps, diagrams and photographs to describe the historical events of WW2 and locate them firmly in their geographical locations.

The book describes the overall strategy that was hastily adopted at Dunkirk, as well as graphically detailing individual actions, including the savage fighting by the British rearguard, together with the horrific accounts of prisoner massacres such as at Wormhoudt/Esquelbecq, during an action that resulted in the successful embarkation and repatriation of over 300,000 allied troops.


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