Colt Revolvers and the Tower of London

£18.00 (GBP)

Colt Revolvers and the Tower of London/Joseph G Rosa. Trustees of the Royal Armouries. Softcover. First edition 1988. Condition: Good, slight creasing to bottom corner of cover and first couple of pages. ISBN 0948092041

In 1851 Samuel Colt visited the Tower of London to study the thousands of revolvers that were stored there from the early 1850s until the late 1860s. This booklet not only describes and illustrates the particular guns that he saw and wrote about, but also many other examples from the vast numbers held in the many collections.

Providing an excellent source of reference for the serious, historical study of both the company and its products, the book is well written and illustrated throughout with colour, and black and white photographs, diagrams and drawings.



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