Cavalry Uniforms of Britain and the Commonwealth

£6.00 (GBP)

Cavalry Uniforms of Britain and the Commonwealth including other Mounted Troops/Robert and Christopher Wilkinson-Latham. Blandford Press. Hardcover. Second edition 1972. Out of print. Condition: Good, 2 pages loose inside, slight tanning and tear to dust cover, price clipped. ISBN 071370134X

This small yet compact book describes and details the uniforms worn by some of the famous cavalry regiments and other mounted troops of Britain and the Commonwealth from 1742 to 1953, with the text further authenticated with contributions on the arms that were carried by these troops.

Each of the full colour illustrations also includes the particular soldier’s mount, with 92 horses, three camels, and even one tank, to round off the story and serve as a link with the more recent but equally spectacular role of the mechanised cavalry during and since the Second World War.



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