Caerleon – Isca: The Roman Legionary Museum

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Caerleon – Isca: The Roman Legionary Museum/George C Boon. NationalMuseums and Galleries of Wales. Softcover. First edition 1987. Condition: Very good. ISBN 0720003156

This extremely informative study examines the historical significance of the discoveries made at the fortress of Caerleon since excavations began in the 1840’s. Known to the Romans as Isca, this was one of the three permanent legionary bases in Roman Britain, the other two being Chester (Deva) and York (Eburacum). Illustrated with photographs, drawings, maps and diagrams, it also provides a fascinating insight into the lives of those who served there during the period from when it was established in AD.74 until the garrison was withdrawn in about AD.290.

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