Best Photos of the Civil War

£32.00 (GBP)

Best Photos of the Civil War/Hirst Dillon Milhollen, James Ralph Johnson. Arco Publishing. Hardcover. Library edition 1973. Out of print. Condition: As new. ISBN 0668007826

In this book the authors have recreated the sweep and fury of the Civil War, America’s bloodiest military conflict, using photographs selected from some of the most important collections to produce a breathtaking pictorial history of the conflict, from the secession of South Carolina to the fall of the Confederacy.
Looking at these photographs it seems incredible that this was the first war in the history of mankind for which there exists extensive photographic documentation. What makes it even more incredible is that they were taken and developed, often under appalling conditions, using the type of equipment available to the photographic war correspondent of almost a century and a half ago.

These timeless photographs, with their story told in the accompanying text, put us there among the men, the weapons and the battlefields, and lets us share both the heartbreak and the glorious triumph.

Together with these amazing images are advertisements, posters and illustrations that help explain the story behind this defining period in American history.


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