Battle of the Bulge: The First 24 Hours

£24.00 (GBP)

Battle of the Bulge: The First 24 Hours/David Jordan. Greenhill Books. Hardcover. First edition 2003. Out of print. Condition: Very good. ISBN 1853675741

This book tells the dramatic story of the first day of the Ardennes offensive, explaining in detail how the Allies were taken by surprise and the events that occurred along the length of the front as the Germans attempted to break through the Allied lines. Beginning with an overview of the situation in the west in late 1944, it describes the German plans as well as their successful efforts to mask the build-up of their forces.

It also examines the Allied high command’s complacency, highlighting how they became lax in their attention to Ultra decrypts, leading them to believe the Ardennes region was secure. This is accompanied with an in-depth analysis of Hitler’s strategy and the dispositions of both the German and the American forces in the Ardennes region in December 1944.

Illustrated throughout with maps, diagrams, drawings and contemporary photographs.



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