Barbarossa: The Russian-German Conflict 1941-1945

£9.50 (GBP)

Barbarossa: The Russian-German Conflict 1941-1945/Alan Clark. Phoenix Press. Softcover. 2000. Out of print. Condition: Good, slight creasing to corner of cover and spine. ISBN 184212434X

This very well written history of the German assault into the Soviet Union and the ensuing war along the Eastern front represents is one of the earliest of the many histories of that conflict to emphasize the enormous contribution of the Russians to the Allied effort and, because of that, was also considered one of the most controversial.

Illustrated by maps, diagrams, strategic plans and photographs the book examines how the Germans, who had believed they could master this huge nation of several hundred million in a single year, had dramatically underestimated Soviet reserve and manpower resources, and were repeatedly amazed, and eventually defeated, by the tenacity and  resourcefulness of an army they thought they had already beaten in the opening weeks of the campaign.



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