The Battle of Plassey and the Conquest of Bengal

£16.00 (GBP)

The Battle of Plassey and the Conquest of Bengal/Michael Edwardes. Batsford. Hardcover. First edition 1963. Out of print. Condition: Very good, Western Command education library imprint and number, tear on inside return flap of dustcover. ISBN 1299061540

The Battle of Plassey, won by Robert Clive for Britain in 1757, was decisive in establishing a firm base in Bengal and from that victory the British became an imperial power whose Indian Empire was to last for nearly two hundred years.

Leading a force of just three thousand men he defeated a fifty thousand strong Indian army, with the loss of fewer than twenty British soldiers, in a battle that was won as the result of superior tactics and of organisation over discipline.

The book contains many illustrations, maps and diagrams that lend humanity and colour to this historic study.


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