Research Services

Our specialist knowledge and research experience is available to all those interested in this aspect of our history, whether you are keen to find out more on a particular conflict or era, are working towards an academic goal, or need to establish the facts behind a subject of local or national historical interest.

If you have a specific book that you need or a subject that you would like to read about and you can’t find it in our Shop, we will help you search for it, whether it’s a new or second hand publication.

Our associated special interest groups also enable us to locate items of memorabilia, military models, uniforms and period clothing, together with the securing of military vehicle displays, nostalgic fashion and music.

  • We specialise in the research and presentation of detailed historical information for academic projects, together with the production of articles and programmes for publication and broadcast.
  • If you are looking for a particular book or magazine, our free search facility has been designed to help you find it. Just tell us the title or subject matter and we will do the rest.
  • We can help locate a particular item of military and associated memorabilia, or help arrange appropriate displays, exhibitions and entertainment for historically themed events.